Application Self Healing

Application self healingApplication Self Healing ensures applications are always available when running on Public or Private Cloud infrastructure.

Applications today that are running non cloud infrastructure rely on VMware, Storage or other technologies to ensure high availability.

These high availability technologies do not natively exist within Public Cloud environments which has been a major barrier for many companies to adopt Cloud computing.

Using Automation and leveraging the native infrastructure APIs, PiNimbus can ensure applications are highly available within any cloud environment.

Using native or your own monitoring solutions we can ensure that your applications are self aware of the health of the underlying cloud infrastructure.

If the application senses that there is an issue with compute, storage or networking resources the application will automatically provision new infrastructure in a different location and migrate itself to that new infrastructure.

This is all done within minutes and with no human interaction.

Please contact us for a demonstration and understand how this cost effective approach is opening the door for many companies to adopt cloud computing.



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