Automated Cloud Disaster Recovery

Automated Cloud Disaster Recovery SolutionsAutomated Cloud Disaster Recovery services and solutions. By automating infrastructure and leveraging native APIs within a Public Cloud provider, PiNimbus can deliver a Restore Point Objective of less than 5 minutes and a Restore Time Objective of less than 30 minutes at a cost as low as $0.01 per GB per Month.

We do not approach a cloud disaster recovery solution as a product. Instead we work to understand your application and automate the application build out within the Public Cloud of your choice using Dev Ops tools such as Ansible, Salt Stack, etc.

By leveraging nearly any existing replication technology, be it software or hardware based, your data can be replicated and storage securely within a Public Cloud object storage pool.

Our team will write automated run books for your application and infrastructure to automatically provision your application in a separate geographical location with no human interaction when you declare a disaster.

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