Cloud automation benefits you gain immediately:

1. Cost Savingscloud automation benefits

First of all, let’s skip to one of the most important benefits of cloud automation. Bottom line, it’s saving your company money.

Savings begin in-house saving your company money on costs of equipment and routers, physical servers. In addition, there’s minimal to no investment.

Hence, lowering costs also continue with saving time and money on training employees, and hiring an IT department for managing an infrastructure.

Not only is cloud automation an excellent choice for saving your business monthly expenses, it’s also a great ROI.

2. Cloud Automation ROI

As a result, expect to see a return on investment with a few benefits of cloud automation.

First of all, enjoy a lower utility bill.

In addition, forget about running outdated legacy infrastructure. This is because cloud processing is a “pay as you go” and the automation process makes sure you’re only paying for what you use each month.

One of the favorite ways cloud automation benefits you is saving you time. Once again, you don’t have to spend money on hiring more people for your IT department, nor spend money training.Start saving money by putting your time back into your company.

3. Fast Scale and Agility

Become faster and gain agility with cloud automation. As a result, you’ll be able to quickly respond and add more capacity keeps your network reliable.

No matter what conditions your company faces, cloud automation can quickly come to your rescue.

Therefore, if your network is unfortunately hit with ransomeware, don’t panic. Because there’s automated cloud disaster recovery, you will benefit with a restore time of less than 30 minutes.

4. Affordable and FAST Restore Time Objective (RTO)

Most of all, imagine if you do have downtime. You will only be offline for minutes or seconds.

Consequently, this was once only affordable for the largest companies that had the biggest budgets and resources.


5. Simplified IT Resources

Also, cloud automation saves you the frustration of having a large and complicated infrastructure. Instead, everything is simplified, and more efficient.


As a result, Pinimbus can set up restore points of less than five minutes. Forget about paying a ransom to unlock encrypted data! Contact Us Today.


In conclusion, we can give your company an assessment to find even more ways cloud automation can benefit your business.

Thanks for learning the top 5 cloud automation benefits.


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