Cloud Economics and TCO Assessment

Cloud Economics and TCO AssessmentCloud Economics and TCO Assessment

One of the largest drivers in Cloud adoption is cost savings.  However documenting these savings can be a challenge.

With a sound Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model Executives can make informed business decisions around adopting digital transformation.

While many on-line calculators exist to help customers quantify their cost savings adopting Cloud, we feel a customized approach is essential.  Every company has unique variations that are difficult to capture with a “one size fits all” TCO tool.

Two key areas we help capture are:

Current Infrastructure Costs:

This includes a multiple infrastructure services that are being addressed today with capitalized current infrastructure and software by IT Operations.  Identifying these services and understanding which services would be impacted by a cloud migration and which would not is crucial to an accurate financial assessment.

Current Labor Costs:

One of the biggest benefits of adopting cloud infrastructure is automating many of the services that are delivered manually today.  By helping to capture labor costs and identifying which services can be automated using DevOps tools and practices, companies can further define their cost savings when adopting a Cloud strategy.

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