Cloud Security

cloud securityToday there are many options when it comes to securing your cloud platform.

By either leveraging the native security tools within a Cloud platform, using 3rd party tools within a Cloud platform’s Market Place or integrating your current security tools we can delver the right security architecture for your applications and data.

Securing applications and data running in a Cloud Platform requires a multi layer approach.

We approach security around three areas:  Network, Data and Applications to ensure that we help you:

  1. Maintain the confidentiality of your data
  2. Preserve the integrity of your data
  3. Promote the availability of your data to authorized users


For those companies who want to explore other Security vendors, we have partnerships with the following Cloud Security vendors:

Alert Logic:  Network Security and Managed Services

Vormetric:  Data and Application Security

Docker:  Application Deliver Security through Kernel hardening




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