marathonMarathon is a production-grade container orchestration platform for Mesosphere’s Data center Operating System (DCOS) and Apache Mesos.

Multiple Container Run times
Marathon has first-class support for both Mesos containers (using cgroups) and Docker.

Stateful Applications
Marathon can bind persistent storage volumes to your application. You can run databases like MySQL and Postgres, and have storage accounted for by Mesos.

Policy Management
e.g. Only one instance of an application per rack, node, etc.

Service Discovery & Load Balancing
Several methods available

Container Monitoring
Evaluate your applications health using HTTP or TCP checks
Supply an HTTP endpoint to receive notifications – for example to integrate with an external load balancer.

Query them at /metrics in JSON format or push them to systems like graphite, statsd and Datadog.

Complete REST API for easy integration and script ability.

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