Media & OTT

In the present scenario, Over-the-Top (OTT) Media services are gaining popularity rapidly. We are in an era of transition whereby people are seen migrating from terrestrial TV broadcasting to online video streaming. However, the end users have high expectations from OTT service providers as they compare it to the existing broadcast services. They want that the OTT viewing experience should be just like the terrestrial watching experience whereby they are able to stream content at single click. They are least bothered about the framework or components like encoders, DRM or CDNs that ensure streaming. All they expect is high-quality videos and real-time streaming. Hence, the OTT providers need to understand the expectations of the customers and optimize their solutions accordingly. Our team of experts works with OTT providers in the end to end journey to ensure best and immersive viewing experience. Our data-driven approach, combined with our tools and frameworks provide insights not only into platforms but complete user experience. Based on these insights we work with companies to uplift their platform. In addition to high-quality streaming, users also expect ease of usage and enhanced search-ability of content that is available on the internet. For this, we offer a cognitive search engine so that end users can easily search the content. Test your chances on slot. Our team works in close collaboration with OTT service providers to ensure best in class experience for the users.

App Development

As enterprises embrace digital transformation, they are moving towards having seamless interactions with their customers. Mobile Apps have changed the way  we do business. It  provides the ability for the  enterprises to stay connected with their customers and for the customers to be connected on  the go. Mobile Apps are fast becoming the preferred channel of communication with enterprises.

Our team of engineers and technologists has vast experience in native mobile app development. We exploit our knowledge and experience in developing robust and intuitive native mobile applications that can run on iOs and Android platforms. We emphasize on using advanced techniques and sophisticated technologies to create user-friendly applications. Our applications are developed for multiple platforms, so they’ll run smoothly in tablets as well as mobile phones. The native apps for Android are developed using Kotlin while the native app for iOS devices are developed using swift.


In the digital world, cloud plays a key part in every company’s work. Our team is born from building cloud technologies from early days. We help customers unlock the power of cloud computing. 

Companies can achieve tremendous agility by adopting cloud. It allows them to focus on their core business and spend more time on innovation to bring new features to their customers. The current trend is migration to cloud or adoption of multi-cloud. Operating expense can quickly go thru the roof if foundations are not laid cautiously.

We have expertise in different public cloud, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure and Openstack. PI-NIMBUS can be your best partner to take care of all of your cloud needs from strategy, build out, migration to management of your public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud. Our experts can help you in smooth adoption by working with you at every step of this journey, right from fundamentals to rearchitecting your applications and workflows resulting in optimized solution.

Our services include strategy, cloud build out, migration and managed services.

Adopting cloud for startups are easier than enterprises. Enterprises have to keep running their current business and meet their customer demands while working on moving to cloud. It is like changing an engine of a flying aircraft. Even if your company is just starting out with cloud computing, we can take your company to the next level.  Not all companies are made equal. Each one may have unique needs in adopting the cloud technology. Our team is ready to start creating and executing the right cloud strategy for your unique company.

Build out
Best of all, if you’ve been looking into cloud computing, have your plan laid out, and you’re ready to take the next step with cloud adoption, we’re ready to hit the ground running. We build private cloud, paas- Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes and public cloud for your needs. We can build public cloud as your next data center or an extension to the existing data center. Some cases, companies want to use the public cloud for their bursting while running regular load in-house, we can help here too. 

Migrating applications to a cloud platform is one of our specialities. Whether that platform is Openstack, AWS, Google Cloud Platform or Azure, our team has the experience and expertise in quickly and efficiently migrate your applications. We can lift and shift, or lift, architect, modify and shift the application based on the assessment.

Managed Services
Increasing complexity of cloud environments poses new challenge on enterprises in finding balance between managing it on their own or focusing on core business. This IT transformation can very quickly become overwhelming for many enterprises, this is where we can step in and alleviate the pain and manage your cloud.


DevOps is an approach that is followed by enterprises to transform customer experience by accelerating software delivery.   DevOps brings  together tools, processes  and more importantly the culture to achieve transformation. Teams adopting DevOps culture and  leveraging tools are  able to build, test, release software faster reliably with high quality.  DevOps  adoption in an enterprise is not restricted to  traditional IT areas like Development, QA, Operations  but requires a  broader  collaborative engagement with Business, Cyber Security as well.  Implementation of DevOps in an enterprise isn’t a simple task. 

CALMS  is a widely accepted five pillar framework that is adopted by enterprises to assess their DevOps maturity to understand the areas that need focus to progress on their DevOps transformation journey. Each one of these pillars are equally important – Culture, Automation, Lean, Measurement, Sharing.

Measurements like lead time, cycle time, deployment frequency, Change Fail Rate(CFR) and MTTR help to understand more about  stability, reliability and delivery throughput of applications. Surveys like State of DevOps report, DORA  assessment have shown teams that have better metrics are highly mature in  DevOps and are able to deliver better software, faster to customers.

Implementing DevOps  in a team or a  small group  of teams is very  different from driving DevOps adoption in an enterprise. Scaling DevOps and bringing together  various  stakeholders in to the Journey requires meticulous planning, perfect implementation and complete guidance from the experts. 

This is where you can leverage the expertise of PiNimbus. Our  team has the experience to assess the existing  state by establishing  a baseline of DevOps maturity level of teams and then pulling together a recommendation to enable rapid adoption  of DevOps across the enterprise. Our automation and CICD experts work collaboratively  with the teams to not only build the pipelines and tools but also enable the teams to be self sufficient. Our team also has expertise   to  scale DevOps adoption by focusing on  areas that act  as key enablers including enterprise tooling strategies,  real time metrics.



PiNimbus believes in the power of automation. We abide by the thought that any process that repeats itself ought to be automated. Automation is necessary in the present times to minimize human errors and to enhance the efficiency to deliver features faster to the market. We automate anything that is possible, UI, API, native apps, Infrastructure, configurations.

Testing Automation
We automate front-end, back-end applications and mobile native apps testing. Our automation frameworks are built on industry leading standard tools, Selenium, Tosca, Newman, Sandstrom, expresso, to name a few.  This reduces the setup and execution times and delivers more insights.

Deployment Automation
Full benefit of automation can be realized by connecting build, test, deployment automation together. It gives better visibility and details for decision making. We build Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Deployment automation using tools such as Jenkins, Gitlab CI/CD, Bamboo, Ansible, Cloud formation and Terraform.

Cloud Automation
Cloud is an integral part of anything any business do today. If cloud resources are not used in the right way, it may become much costlier sooner. Through automation, many of the inefficiencies in using the cloud can be addressed. We have expertise in Cloud Formation, Terraform, Ansible, Python, to help companies to take advantage of cloud with automation and save costs. Our engineers are experts in different public clouds such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure, and Openstack.

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